Good House Keeping, we can work together for better Growth.

Faiveley Transport

Great process flow, good use of floor space, good operating conditions and clean. Hope to engage in business in future.

AGCO - Brazil

Great advancements and excellent layout and very flexible. Looking forward to a long relationship.


Excellent flexibility to manage varying customer demand. Quality of what I buy is excellent along with on time delivery.

FMC Measurement Solution

Good customer interaction by the management and good to see a very genuine hospitality from the entire team.


Impressive client list and excellent quality components.

Rotork gears - UK

Excellent capability in terms of quality and flexibility.


Very good facility for manufacturing of precision gears. Well organized setup.

HAL Engine Division

Capability in gear manufacturing is good. Good communication and positive approach.

Dynamatic Technologies Limited

Impressive management and customer list, manufactures a large range of gears.

Boston Gears - USA